Ship/Owner/Protective AGENCY.
Port captain/Cargo superintendent.
Crew on/off signer.
Freight forwarder/Cargo broker.
Stevedoring and management.
Time keeper /Tally checker.
Inland transport management

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" Hi, I am a representative of the company. I welcome all attendees. We will work at full capacity and you are ready to take care of you like our work. We look forward to working together. Thank you. "

Mr. Sonwit Nhongsaeng (Operation Director) 

Company Profile

SAS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Is maritime sea logistic service location in Leam chabang area.
WE have mainly of service for
- Ship/Owner/Protective AGENCY.
- Cargo supervising/Cargo superintendent.
- Freight forwarder.
- Stevedoring and management
- Time keeper /Tally checker , Inland transport management
Our company was established for take care logitice which specially for the sea and our staff having the seaman in level of officer,chief officer and master of vessel.
Our team management were experince to take care the vessel as ship agency and cargo supervisor service more than 200 vessel in experince.

*WE WORK UNDER Different time but not difficulty under service 24 hrs. continue in our service.*