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                                                                                         SAS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
                                        Is maritime sea logistic service location in Leam chabang area. We have mainly of service for

                                                                                    Ship/Owner/Protective AGENCY.
                                        Safe cost and take care your vessel by our staff stand by on board 24 hr. when your good vessel
                         coming to Thailand. Our company working 24 hrs. for windows communiction & update. Vessel sittuation to all principle.

                                                                              Cargo supervising/Cargo superintendent.
                                   Take care & manage your cargo from factory until on board vessel and on bard vessel. Until landing on shore                                            or truck. Our team will supporting to Master / Cheif officer / Port captain to cargo operation when vessle berth.
                                                     Your company will update & get real sitution at site under our service 24 hrs.

                                                                                            Freight forwarder.
                                          Lower rate and safe cost for your company ,we are take care in/all service and system

                                                                                    Stevedoring and Management
                                                 Quickly & safety in cargo operation under uor team stevedore service by.
                                                  - All superviser able to speak english language / marine language and seaman skill. .                                                                                  - All stevedore working under fully ppe safety standard equipment & our stevedore have shifting
                                                    gang to change every 8 hrs. for working 24 hrs. under rest perion standard.

                                                                                    Time keeper /Tally checker
                               Truly and real information for update & give information to principle , Our team hao working & continue control                                   the time which working and standby on board 24 hrs. for get real sittuation & trully information to principle.




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